Reality check: How many people have been affected by Sepsis? Is the actual conditions that bad? Sepsis occurs 3 : 1000 persons affecting nearly 900.000 persons every year in the USA and nearly 20.000.000 Worlwide. Sepsis is one of the leading cause of death in ICU non cardiac's patients.  Recent data shows numbers of people that suffered from it which is  sadly increasing along with the aging population, the increasing of immunosupresant drug (such as Steroid etc.), emerge in HIV and the most important thing is the increasing of MICROBIAL resistance (abuse in antibiotics usage). All of this factors will automatically increasing the incidence of Sepsis globally. What is Sepsis? Sepsis is a systemic inflammatory syndrome (defined  by change in two or more abnormal clinical findings: such as Temperature, Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate and White blood cell count) and also infection disease. Sepsis is not easy to diagnosed, particularly in earlier stage when the symptoms may subtle.  Here are the complete Definition and Term of sepsis and others critical illness:
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What are the biomarkers for sepsis? Any specific lab founding?

Various biomarkers have been evaluated and studied nowadays for the accuracy diagnose of Sepsis. Until now, there are four biomarkers for sepsis: Procalcitonin, c-reactive Protein ( CRP ), B-Type Natriuretic Peptide and Protein C. Some studies proofed that Procalcitonin and CRP is the most widely use for diagnosing sepsis patients.

Mechanism of disease: How is the actual process of this disease? What happened to our body? To simplified what really happened to our body when we’re diagnosed with Sepsis is that it is an exaggerated inflammation, complex reaction between: microbe (infectious agent) , host immune respond (our immune system), the inflammatory process itself and the coagulation pathway. This abnormality process makes various effects on the body system, especially Coagulation system. This will produced many problematic in blood clotting times, internal bleeding and global microvascular thrombosis. Worst case scenario, it could lead into Multi organ Dysfunction or multi organ failure. The Protein C pathway usually inhibits thrombosis and inflammation, it serves the coagulation system, promoting fibrinolysis. When sepsis happened, it will changed and disturbing this protein pathway so that produced many problem and symptom in our body.