Laparoscopic surgical skills are inevitable for surgeons working in the field of some specialties which may not only include general surgery and obstetric and gynecology. Both colleges (kolegium) of those specialties have decided to put the skills in the catalog of residency training programs since several years ago. It means that it is mandatory for surgeons to be able to do laparoscopic surgeries to cope with the advances of modern surgical techniques. However, many residents in training feel that they need more didactic training to help them to be more confident while doing the practice in the real clinical setting. Furthermore, there are many of them who had no chance of adequate laboratory training before they came into clinical cases. The main cause of such a condition is lack of workshops and facility available across the country in comparison with the numbers of residents in training. Many surgeons who had no chance to expose with laparoscopic procedure adequately and want to start doing laparoscopic procedures are a bit hesitant in respect of confidence. They have engaged with some laboratory trainings and clinical observations, but they are lacking of continuing practice. This is the case where they need refreshing didactic trainings. Interestingly, there are a lot more practicing surgeons who don't have adequate skills in laparoscopy, in which they encounter patients in their daily practice demanding for minimal invasive surgeries. Yet, they have similar problem with the residents in training in regards of availability of educational training programs. Generally, the specialty of the surgeons includes general surgery, which covers a broad area such as digestive surgery, and head and neck. The other specialties demand laparoscopic procedures are obstetric and gynecology, urology, thoracic surgery, pediatric surgery, vascular surgery, and may be also spine surgery which may approach the surgery through anterior abdominal wall. Having succeded in 2011 with Simulative Training on Basic General Laparoscopy and Basic Laparoscopic Suturing Technique, ICTEC proudly invites you to take part in our upcoming Laparoscopic Training in February 23rd-26th, 2012. Believed to be highly beneficial for any Surgeons or Obstetricians aspiring to practice Minimal Invasive Procedures, these Trainings will take place three times a year:  February 23rd-26th, April 26th-29th, December 13th-16th. Simulative Training on Basic General Laparoscopy Choices of date : February 23, 2012 or February 25, 2012 Simulative Training on Basic Laparoscopic Suturing Technique Choices of date : February 24, 2012 or February 26, 2012 Endorsement and Accreditation Endorsement is given by CTEC - University of Western Australia, Australia and IRCAD - University of Strassbourg, France The course would be accredited by the IDI (Indonesian Medical Association) Method 
  • - Interactive Lectures
  • - Procedures/Skill Demonstration
  • - Hands-on Practice
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